Friday, May 8, 2015

How to improve Manyatta estate in land for sale in Kisumu County

Manyatta estate is the second largest informal settlement in Kisumu. Manyatta is basically a cosmopolitan settlement with various communities relocating to the region even though the Luo form the majority. Most lands in this region are ancestral lands either inherited or bought by individuals. Thus most lands in this region come on a freehold tenure system. This is an advantage to investors who buy land in this specific area of land for sale in Kisumu County for the reason that can practice whatever form of investment that they wish to try their hands on.
Now many residents of Manyatta estate take the lands they live in as their heritage and this has resulted into many people burying their beloved in the area once they pass on. These graves have posed a challenge to the plans to expand Kisumu town as outlined in the County’s 30-year development strategy. The region is partly rural but has recently been zoned as part of the town and thus, without doubt it is one of the slums identified for upgrading alongside Nyalenda and Obunga in the Kisumu Integrated Strategic Development Plan.

The estate is among those to get remodeled to develop the housing situation in Kisumu. Remodeling basically entails building new houses, improving the road network and also increasing water and electricity supply.
Manyatta A is accessible through a well tarmacked road plied by no. 9 ‘matatus’. However, inside the settlement, both Manyatta A and B have small paths and earth roads which happen to be challenging to access in the course of the rainy season. If these paths can be tarmacked in that case the plots in Manyatta can greatly improve in value and may consequently attract more investors.
The standard providers of water in this area are boreholes and water kiosks. However during water shortages, the bigger number of the residents must walk for about 200 meters to reach a source of water. This has continued to discourage most people from seeking tenancy services there. Investors also shy away from constructing rental properties because of the fact that the rents paid are generally low (approximately between 300-7000 shillings). The Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company should establish more tap water within these households to make them more appealing to tenants. Investors should likewise make certain that they build self contained house that are included with both water and sanitary facilities.
Currently, there is virtually no formal system of waste disposal within the area with a large majority of residents dumping waste within the same area they reside. A select few pay youth groups a little fee for door to door waste collection. Waste management systems are definitely one of the vital things that investors seek out when contemplating putting money into an area. If garbage and waste management are poor then investors are more likely to shy off from the region because its value and potential is greatly reduced. This is basically the mandate of the County government to make certain that garbage and waste inside their locality are properly managed. If such can very well be properly done then Manyatta estate can rise to remain among the finest destinations to put money into land for sale in Kisumu County.

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