Friday, May 8, 2015

A look at Riat hills as a tourism hub in Kisumu land for sale

Riat hills estate in Kisumu is not merely about hills as the name appears to suggest. This is a unique area with a rare combination that tends to awe local homeowners, local investors and also foreign investors. Nearly everybody find Riat particularly very interesting and an excellent spot to put money in. Real estate experts have predicted that this area is set to be one of the greatest investment centers in Kisumu land for sale.
This area already has attracted the attention of a Swedish real estate developer by the name Coromandele Investment Limited which is preparing to bring up luxury-Swedish-designed-villas to be named Riat Hills Villas. This definitely is set to provide tourists with a spot to relax in and savor the gorgeous scenic view and attractiveness that Riat has.
Another real estate firm, Homes Africa has taken note of the emergence of this area as a tourism hub and actually has acquired a 72-acre piece of land part of which it is supplying to buyers who wish to build up holiday homes. The Company also intends to construct a gated community within the same area.
The Kshs. 1 billion worth Raila Odinga foundation has brought vibrancy directly into the area and has therefore caught the interest of investors who now realize exactly how diverse this area is. Property value in Riat is increasing in an alarming rate, for this reason this is the time to acquire property in the region before prices escalate to impossible ranges, where they seem to be headed.
Standing on top of Riat hills, an individual is able to find a legendary view of the full town center of Kisumu, The Kisumu international Airport and the surrounding land of course as well as the magnificent Lake Victoria beauty. This is a sight which you cannot just miss as a tourist visiting the area because it's a sight to behold and deserves recording in a picture. This is a sight that a number of international tourists wish to get up to for many days well before they go back to their home Countries. This calls for the requirement for more hotels in the area to accommodate this expected number of tourists. Already, Riat has got a few 5-star hotels such as the Ukweli resort but these are proving to be insufficient as the overall number of tourists keeps growing in this magnificent section of Kisumu land for sale.
Riat is turning to become self reliable estate with Riat market business center acting as a center of selling or buying of products. Residents of Riat or perhaps visiting tourists aren't required to go to far destinations to buy household stuff or perhaps food. Thus tourists can stay in this area for as long as they wish without worrying about having no things like food.
Due to the noted above influx of tourists, Riat estate has numerous investment opportunities as is typical with any area that attracts tourists. Riat is therefore one of the best areas to consider if you want to invest in Kisumu land for sale.
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