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Think investment, think Siaya land for sale

Think investment, think Siaya land for sale
Located in central Nyanza, Siaya County is fast rising as a huge economic hub in Kenya with investment opportunities abuzz in nearly every sector of the economy much like the real estate, farming, and fishing industries. As one of the emerging economic hub, Siaya County offers various opportunities which have not been fully exploited and thus present a perfect opportunity for investment. Furthermore, the land and properties for sale in Siaya remain to be fairly cheap in comparison to other cities like Kisumu. This makes Siaya land for sale a superb environment for any kind of economic adventure.

The coming up of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University along with other institutions of upper learning has quite a lot of life in the small village and with it numerous investment opportunities. For instance the students in these institutions need accommodation facilities. The available facilities are not enough as many people seek education. Other institutions are also merely branches of other Colleges and for that reason do not come with boarding facilities but simply learning facilities or classes.
Coming up with hostel facilities would be a hot cake in Siaya region and so a large number of students would be jostling for the available spaces. Operating an entertainment joint such as a restaurant or perhaps even a night club would be another welcome idea. Students like to have fun and party and places for having fun are not that many in Siaya. This therefore a venture that really is guaranteed to pick up and produce in profits immediately it is started. Wherever there exist learning institutions calls for the increasing availability of a cyber café because students will always need to access photocopying, scanning, printing or even typing services.
Siaya land for sale is favorable for farming and for this reason agriculture is yet another undertaking that can possibly be practiced in Siaya. This is then further buoyed by the fact that infrastructural development in Siaya is up to date. The roads are in a very good condition thus transportation of goods, or perhaps even services shall not be a problem. This is essential in that some farm products may perhaps be highly perishable and would certainly need to reach the market immediately. Communication is likewise extremely vital in that everybody need to connect with one another in different kind of business. For instance a buyer wants to make orders for supply of goods and such requires good communication channels.
The tourism sector is likewise abuzz within this middle part of Nyanza where a greater number of tourists continue to be recorded annually. Usually, where tourism is doing well, investment opportunities never come short and that is another key reason why you should put your money in Siaya land for sale.
Another sector where an investor can benefit from is the fishing industry. Lake Victoria passes through Siaya County making fishing among the economic activities within Siaya region. Accessibility is a bonus within this sector as it's easy to access the market easily. Fish is basically a highly perishable product and needs to reach the market quickly before it goes bad. Put money into Siaya land for sale to take advantage of these opportunities

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How to improve Manyatta estate in land for sale in Kisumu County

Manyatta estate is the second largest informal settlement in Kisumu. Manyatta is basically a cosmopolitan settlement with various communities relocating to the region even though the Luo form the majority. Most lands in this region are ancestral lands either inherited or bought by individuals. Thus most lands in this region come on a freehold tenure system. This is an advantage to investors who buy land in this specific area of land for sale in Kisumu County for the reason that can practice whatever form of investment that they wish to try their hands on.
Now many residents of Manyatta estate take the lands they live in as their heritage and this has resulted into many people burying their beloved in the area once they pass on. These graves have posed a challenge to the plans to expand Kisumu town as outlined in the County’s 30-year development strategy. The region is partly rural but has recently been zoned as part of the town and thus, without doubt it is one of the slums identified for upgrading alongside Nyalenda and Obunga in the Kisumu Integrated Strategic Development Plan.

The estate is among those to get remodeled to develop the housing situation in Kisumu. Remodeling basically entails building new houses, improving the road network and also increasing water and electricity supply.
Manyatta A is accessible through a well tarmacked road plied by no. 9 ‘matatus’. However, inside the settlement, both Manyatta A and B have small paths and earth roads which happen to be challenging to access in the course of the rainy season. If these paths can be tarmacked in that case the plots in Manyatta can greatly improve in value and may consequently attract more investors.
The standard providers of water in this area are boreholes and water kiosks. However during water shortages, the bigger number of the residents must walk for about 200 meters to reach a source of water. This has continued to discourage most people from seeking tenancy services there. Investors also shy away from constructing rental properties because of the fact that the rents paid are generally low (approximately between 300-7000 shillings). The Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company should establish more tap water within these households to make them more appealing to tenants. Investors should likewise make certain that they build self contained house that are included with both water and sanitary facilities.
Currently, there is virtually no formal system of waste disposal within the area with a large majority of residents dumping waste within the same area they reside. A select few pay youth groups a little fee for door to door waste collection. Waste management systems are definitely one of the vital things that investors seek out when contemplating putting money into an area. If garbage and waste management are poor then investors are more likely to shy off from the region because its value and potential is greatly reduced. This is basically the mandate of the County government to make certain that garbage and waste inside their locality are properly managed. If such can very well be properly done then Manyatta estate can rise to remain among the finest destinations to put money into land for sale in Kisumu County.

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How to maximize on agricultural land for sale Kenya

Kenya has the largest, most diversified economy in East Africa with agriculture as the backbone of the Kenyan economy and key to the government’s development strategy. More than 75% of Kenyans earn part of their living from agriculture and the sector accounts for more than half of the Country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It's expected that with such vitality to the Country’s economy, all stakeholders in the agricultural sector would accord agriculture the necessary support required though this is quite on the contrary as agricultural land for sale Kenya continues to lag behind other sectors of the economy.

Whereas the Country’s population has continued to grow rapidly, the agricultural productivity has continued to stagnate with time thereby posing critical challenges to food security in the nation. This has resulted to more people looking forward to foreign aid with 2-4 million people receiving food aid annually. This is regardless of the fact that a large number of lands in Kenya are viable for farming among other agricultural pursuits like livestock and poultry keeping. It is quite notable those largest portions of these lands are not being fully utilized leaving considerable potential for rise in productivity.
The government and all the relevant stakeholders should jointly come up with measures in order that the production levels in agriculture reach the highest possible heights. This calls for a well laid down plan with every financial boost needed to propel this vital sector to further heights. Currently, most farmers work without basic agricultural inputs or updated technology and they lack adequate financial services. Governmental authorities will provide the large scale farmers with vital seeds for panting or alternatively offer them at reduced prices so to encourage the existing farmers so to entice more individuals into venturing into farming.
There's also need to avail loans facilities or financial aid to farmers to help them boost their production. When it comes to loans, the interest rates ought to be significantly reduced and the repayment period extended so that the repayment process isn't so burdensome to the farmers.
Advanced and modern technology has got to be availed to farmers to ensure maximum production level is realized. Most farmers still use outdated technology which cannot guarantee maximum production which is required to feed the ever growing Kenyan population.
There really is a demand to expand and help in market growth for agricultural products. This can be carried out by developing reforms to handle policy constraints, roads and market access promotion. Government ought to ease the policies and rules governing accessibility of the Kenyan market in order that same can be reciprocated in other Countries. It will enable farmers to sell their produce with much ease.
Suitable irrigation schemes should really be raised especially in arid and semi arid regions of Kenya to make sure they are certainly not marginalized in farming activities. As a matter of fact this can be a very good boost towards the sector since these are the most famine prone areas.
Lastly, more Kenyans ought to be educated and enlightened on the significance of agriculture in the Kenyan economy and they should be caused to see agriculture as a origin of employment in itself. It will greatly improve the agricultural land for sale Kenya as more individuals are likely to take up agriculture.

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How to increase the potential of Riat hills in Kisumu real estate

Despite the clamor for pieces of land atop Riat hills, the area still leaves a lot to actually be desired in terms of real estate and infrastructural development. Granted, the contemporary homes constructed on top of the hills are very beautiful and charming but nonetheless mostly give the impression of loneliness and solitude in most regions of the hills. The breathtaking view of downtown Kisumu, the Airport and the magnificent Lake Victoria is in itself scenery but that's just about what Riat has to offer. Considering that this is a component of Kisumu real estate with a considerably great potential in real estate and economic development in the lakeside region, it therefore requires a large volume of harnessing and nurturing so that the best may be achieved out of this magnificent area.

Riat is still served by one main road that connects Riat market along Kisumu-Kakamega highway. It is the only tarmacked road inside the precincts of Riat hills. The inroads within the area are mud roads and they're quite narrow that makes it even hard for 2 vehicles to by pass one another. With the value of property already quite high in this region, you can imagine the rate at which Riat would rise to if these inroads were to be tarmacked and the general infrastructure improved. This would catapult Riat hills into unprecedented levels never witnessed before and more investors would be jostling to acquire a piece of this area.
Piped or in other words tap water is still a huge problem there despite its prominence. Piped water only runs along the few main roads and actually has not made its way into the wider Riat hills area. This has proven a challenge considering that the region is not just ideal for borehole drilling as a result of its hilly nature. A large number of residents therefore have got to rely on tapping on the rain water which is not really quite reliable because the rains are only seasonal. The Kenya Water and Sewerage Company should establish their networks within the inner parts of Riat so that the residents can likewise enjoy clean as well as fresh water. This would greatly improve a lot in this area because availability of water is one of the essential things that investors usually consider within an area before putting their finances in a certain area. This would also attract more people into settling within the area for residential purposes.
Getting electricity at your residence in Riat requires an extra effort and digging deeper into the pocket from an individual because like water, the electricity lines only run along the main roads. This makes getting electricity an additional burden which certainly might discourage some investors from investing in the region, especially individuals who are not really loaded.
Again, Riat needs to see more social amenities like hospitals and schools constructed in the area to help make it a complete package and a lot more attractive so that a lot of people can easily be enticed to seek residence in this area. People usually don’t like to go far in search of essential services like hospitals and fire brigade because a problem can strike at any time.
If all these are put into action, then Riat will surely be the region to take down in Kisumu real estate.

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Get quick bucks by investing in Kisumu property for sale

Kisumu property for sale is ready for a major boom going by the current trend whereby the prices of property are doubling after every few years.
Increased operations of Non Governmental Organizations in the area have offered the lakeside town a brand new lease of life by creating employment to a number of residents and also outsiders. That has created a higher necessity for vital services like housing facilities and banking services and also other social amenities like hospitals and schools. The employment opportunities offered by these NGOs has led to a number of foreigners coming into the city to settle down, sometimes with families. But with just enough modern housing facilities even for the locals, these individuals sometimes have difficulties getting decent housing within the area. This is definitely great area for property developers to shift their attention and initiate the development of structures to accommodate the increasing number of population in Kisumu.
The transformation of Kisumu airport into an international airport implies that the airport can receive regular international flights. This has greatly changed how investors view this region simply because the international airport comes with improved business activities. This has further made Kisumu property for sale more desirable to investors.
The transport sector will surely be further buoyed by the planned billion dollar rail investment from Kisumu through to Nairobi and Mombasa and goes up to Uganda. All these work as subsidy to the Lake Victoria which is majorly used for shipping fish as well as for cargo transit.
Kisumu has over the many years achieved a great deal in regards to development; improved road networks, enhancement of electricity supply, better supply of clean as well as good water via Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO) and improved communication networks.
With this infrastructure in place, Kisumu is set to profit from general investments namely training, food programs funded by international donors, health, science, jobs and education.
Areas like Riat have emerged as the area of choice for investment for the high and mighty Kisumu. Out of this area you can have an aerial view of the city and Lake Victoria.
Improved business activities in the region have led into more necessity for more commercial buildings and apartments. Commercial buildings are where you find there are great finances in Kisumu property for sale. Property developers can either build large commercial complexes and immediately re pass them on and get a quick buck or construct one and rent out for a monthly check.
Rental units can as well do well in Kisumu property for sale, particularly with the boost in population of the working residents. This is another lucrative area where you can never go wrong as a property developer or as a landlord as there cannot be a time when people will cease to be in need of rental units in Kisumu. Under this there is also the option of building and re selling for a lump sum payment immediately or renting out and collecting rent each and every month end.

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A look at Riat hills as a tourism hub in Kisumu land for sale

Riat hills estate in Kisumu is not merely about hills as the name appears to suggest. This is a unique area with a rare combination that tends to awe local homeowners, local investors and also foreign investors. Nearly everybody find Riat particularly very interesting and an excellent spot to put money in. Real estate experts have predicted that this area is set to be one of the greatest investment centers in Kisumu land for sale.
This area already has attracted the attention of a Swedish real estate developer by the name Coromandele Investment Limited which is preparing to bring up luxury-Swedish-designed-villas to be named Riat Hills Villas. This definitely is set to provide tourists with a spot to relax in and savor the gorgeous scenic view and attractiveness that Riat has.
Another real estate firm, Homes Africa has taken note of the emergence of this area as a tourism hub and actually has acquired a 72-acre piece of land part of which it is supplying to buyers who wish to build up holiday homes. The Company also intends to construct a gated community within the same area.
The Kshs. 1 billion worth Raila Odinga foundation has brought vibrancy directly into the area and has therefore caught the interest of investors who now realize exactly how diverse this area is. Property value in Riat is increasing in an alarming rate, for this reason this is the time to acquire property in the region before prices escalate to impossible ranges, where they seem to be headed.
Standing on top of Riat hills, an individual is able to find a legendary view of the full town center of Kisumu, The Kisumu international Airport and the surrounding land of course as well as the magnificent Lake Victoria beauty. This is a sight which you cannot just miss as a tourist visiting the area because it's a sight to behold and deserves recording in a picture. This is a sight that a number of international tourists wish to get up to for many days well before they go back to their home Countries. This calls for the requirement for more hotels in the area to accommodate this expected number of tourists. Already, Riat has got a few 5-star hotels such as the Ukweli resort but these are proving to be insufficient as the overall number of tourists keeps growing in this magnificent section of Kisumu land for sale.
Riat is turning to become self reliable estate with Riat market business center acting as a center of selling or buying of products. Residents of Riat or perhaps visiting tourists aren't required to go to far destinations to buy household stuff or perhaps food. Thus tourists can stay in this area for as long as they wish without worrying about having no things like food.
Due to the noted above influx of tourists, Riat estate has numerous investment opportunities as is typical with any area that attracts tourists. Riat is therefore one of the best areas to consider if you want to invest in Kisumu land for sale.
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Benefits of investing in agricultural land for sale Kenya

Agriculture in Kenya dominates Kenya’s economy. Approximately 15-17% of Kenya’s total land area has sufficient fertility and rainfall to get farmed. 7-8% of such can be grouped as top class land. Kenya happens to be the leading producer of coffee and tea and not to mention the third largest exporter of fresh produce such as cabbages, onions and mangoes. Small farms grow much of the corn and also produce potatoes, bananas and peas. Despite all of these produce and of course the favorable weather conditions, about a 50% Kenya’s total agricultural output is subsistence production, meaning that it is produced for consumption. This means the agricultural sector in Kenya is certainly not reaping its maximum potential. It means that serious investors need to come into the agricultural sector and invest in agricultural land for sale Kenya.
Investors in farming and agricultural activities have the ability to reap benefits that accompany Kenya’s bilateral ties numerous other nations all over the planet. These include reduced taxes in farm products and easy policies enabling investors from Kenya to comfortably access other foreign markets. Thus investors are in a position to getting readily available huge markets for their produce.
Agricultural sector is the largest contributor to Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2005, Agriculture, including forestry and fishing accounted for about 24% of the very GDP as well as for 18% of wage employment. It further collected 50% of revenues from exports. Government being aware of the impact of the agricultural sector on the economy has continued to provide necessary support to large scale widespread farmers everywhere. Government offers reduced prices on seeds and also avails ready market for certain commodities like sugar cane, coffee and tea. Investors can take pleasure in these incentives to immensely cut back on the cost of production and in its place maximize profits.
Accessibility of roads is an additional advantage of putting money in/spending money in agricultural land for sale Kenya. The government has performed and goes on to do a good job in the development of infrastructure hence linking roads from the urban areas towards the rural areas. This facilitates a fairly easy and quick transportation of goods and services from one particular area to another. This means an investor can even import labor from a particular area to another. The ease of transport also ensures that fragile goods like eggs do not undergo unnecessary breakages mainly because of bad roads. Good infrastructure also means that extra public service vehicles could well ply different roots and one can opt for alternative means of transport like train, depending on the cost.
Investors hoping to spend money on agricultural land for sale Kenya are guaranteed of cheap and skilled labor. A survey shows that by 2006, almost 60% of working Kenyans earned their living by farming, when compared with 80% in 1980. This is a clear indication that majority of Kenyans are well conversant with farming as a way of life. Unemployment rate in the nation also guarantees an investor of getting cheap and skilled crafts.

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