Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Challenges facing Siaya land for sale

Siaya is a place with great potentials of growing and developing. This is evident as with its main economic activity being fishing. With fishing alone Siaya can change to a well-developed place. The problem however is the fact that all these are never given considerations. For instance, still with fishing as the main economic activity, anyone can set up hotel businesses just around the lake and even improve the beach plots then do beach investments. If these can get done, there can be very low percentage of people who still can be talking of poverty.

Now, listed below are just but some of the challenges Siaya land for sale faces.

· Poor infrastructure: investment cannot really be simple if infrastructure is poor. It is because on many occasions there is going to be transportation of goods from in and out of the town, so in the event that infrastructure is not improved to some better condition, it is evident that goods will surely be damaged during transportation. Siaya land for sale faces this challenge as the roads connecting to it are in poor conditions.

· Land acquisition process being very cumbersome: nothing frustrates like looking for a way to secure a land and this takes much time. The process of acquiring Siaya land for sale takes long until some clients choose to back off completely. It would be better if perhaps would take a little shorter time, as some of these would-be buyers have some other sort of stuffs to look after.

· Shortage support from the county government: the county government seems to be so reluctant in supporting Siaya land for sale. Usually there are some cases where their intervention is in fact needed, for instance in developing sewers, improving roads for easy transportation, and even in offering financial aids to the locals who probably wish to do investments.

· High interest rates from the banks: many locals, for instance, feel so much disappointed the way the banks treat them. When they go to these banks to take loans for investments purposes, they're given at high rates. This discourages a majority of them until they prefer to turn away. This also has been counted as a major setback.

· Insecurity: insecurity is another major challenge that Siaya land for sale is facing because not even one investor wants to do investments where there’s rampant insecurity. If this can possibly be worked on then many people would venture into investments, which include locals as well.

For this reason it is my wish that the concerned parties may do something concerning this so that investment can pick up in Siaya land for sale.

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