Sunday, October 25, 2015

How buyers of Kisumu Real Estate Property benefit from the Government Strategies

A potential investor in Kenya is very valuable and there exists strategies implemented by the government to encourage them to enter the market. The economy of Kenya and its towns like Kisumu depend on the investors in different fields like real estate to propel forward. The economic growth that has been on the increase is owed to the good relations and investment opportunities in Kenya.

Kisumu real estate has had its share of the rim light of the foreign investors trickling in to take advantage of the good returns that are experienced from its properties. The government has therefore invested heavily on Kisumu infrastructure and has improved the real estate regulatory and legal framework in Kisumu to increase the chances of success in investments.
The Kisumu real estate companies have the advantage of having a mortgage financing that they utilize to acquire real estate property, which they pay in installments later. The government of Kenya is dedicated in improving the housing finance in Kisumu and in implementing legal frameworks and new policies that will lead to eventual housing expansion.
The increase in the population and great need for affordable settlement for all and the presence of many construction developments in Kisumu instigates the need for the government and the Kisumu real estate sector cooperation. 
The Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to be introduced by the government will drive more public presence in real estate via the Nairobi Stock Exchange. This will increase the exposure of the real estate property in Kenya, Kisumu being a part of benefiting in large investments that will flood in.  
Investors in the Kisumu real estate sector certainly have the assurance of security, which the government has boosted to ensure that their properties are secure and hence increase their value in the market.
There is also government measures to make bank lending rates for loans to be 9%, which will make it easier to repay and to access loans for potential investors in Kisumu lands for sale and real estate property.
Foreign investors in the Kisumu real estate also benefit from government policies like the one indicating that they can own Kisumu land for sale on leasehold occupancy basis.

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