Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Buy land in Nyamasaria for a variety of ventures that land in Kisumu offers

There are a few areas which have a unique ability of supporting numerous investment opportunities and Nyamasaria happens to be one such area. Located along the busy and recently completed Kisumu-Nairobi road, Nyamasaria location has cut a niche for itself as an ultimate option for investors to pitch tent in land in Kisumu. Recent statistics provided real estate firms show that Nyamasaria has the most enquiries for land available for purchase. The formerly dormant area has caught the attention of investors, both local and foreign who are rushing to acquire pieces of plots within an area that's slowly becoming a town on its own. In fact, Nyamasaria residents find no reason of
going to town simply because they can get all they want inside the estate, whether it is food, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels or even clubs.
Its strategic location (along the main road) causes it to be a possible commercial hub. With commercial ventures already happening in this location, this is a clear indication of the very potential vested in this region. Nyamasaria is home to a considerable number of businesses including Ukwala supermarket, Royal city hotel, and a petrol station. There are plenty of other small enterprises within the area which are doing quite well. With the large number of pieces of plots still found in this prime area, this leaves room for setting up of more business premises.
Many people are finding Nyamasaria a great location to inhabit. This calls for construction of more rental units in order to accommodate the growing number of persons seeking to inhabit this area. There's demand to stretch the estate towards the neighboring Kasule and Manyatta estates because the area is growing not big enough for residents.
This increasing number of residents implies that there is a kind of pressure on the available social amenities like dispensaries, hospitals and schools. This definitely is another opportunity for a scheming investor to build such facilities in Nyamasaria and quickly take advantage of the high demand versus the low supply of these facilities. A hospital for instance would be considered a most welcome idea and can certainly be embraced by local homeowners. More schools too ought to be made available to accommodate the increasing number of children within the area who require learning facilities. With regard to these, there is also the need for more hostel facilities plus institutions of higher learning. The neighboring Kisumu polytechnic and of course the Nairobi university branch within the megacity are tertiary institutions with quite a large number of scholars in dire need of hostel facilities and Nyamasaria is the ideal area to offer these accommodation facilities considering the fact that it's the nearest estate to these institutions.
Nyamasaria estate, like the majority of available land in Kisumu is very suitable for farming activities and also cattle keeping. The former residents have still maintained these practices as the new ones are embracing agriculture that's doing quite nicely in Nyamasaria.
I would therefore urge any investor looking for an investment opportunity in land in Kisumu to give Nyamasaria a try.

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