Monday, March 2, 2015

A look at agricultural land for sale Kenya

Kenya is a Country with large tracts of land very suitable for farming considering that the Country generally has good weather and climate patterns. Agriculture also happens to be the main source from which Kenya feeds its people. In addition, the nation earns most of its revenue from agriculture meaning that agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy. As such it is important to accord the sector the necessary support it needs to prevent the Country from facing any imminent hunger that may arise as a result of neglect of the vital sector. The government should therefore come in and accord agricultural land for sale Kenya the necessary resources required to further propel the sector into greater heights.
Majority of Kenyans originally practiced farming, either for subsistence or for commercial purposes but mostly for subsistence. However, in the recent past, most Kenyans, especially the youths have been seen to be shunning agriculture in pursuit of white collar jobs. This has been a worrying trend considering that agriculture is the main source of livelihood in Kenya and without it majority of citizens can starve to death.
There is an urgent need for the government to come in and take necessary action aimed at making farming a priority in this nation. First and foremost, citizens should be made to warm up to agriculture from a very tender age. There is need to re-introduce agriculture into the syllabus right from the primary level of education through to Secondary level and even to the tertiary institutions. In this bid, the government could even make agriculture a mandatory subject in the Kenyan curriculum. This will help to make agriculture in Kenya a venture that most people would be willing to try their hands into. It would further encourage more students to take up agricultural courses in institutions of higher learning.
Alternatively, agricultural forums or conferences can be organized across the Country to educate people on farming techniques and at the same time encourage them to take up farming as a way of life. Under this, farmers and even those who are considering taking up farming should be taught new farming skills as well as told what fertilizers are best suited for particular crops and what machines to employ for different types of farming. These forums should be organized on a regular basis, say like semi annually. This will bring in a major impact on how people view farming.
The government should also come up with various incentives for farmers so that they can be encouraged to continue with what they do. For instance, reduction of fundamental farm inputs like fertilizer, seeds and many others. This is guaranteed to motivate farmers and is also a sure way to increase produce. Increased produce means the government earns more revenue and the whole Country is assured of enough food to cover them for any drought eventuality. Through such measures, the agricultural land for sale Kenya would be put to maximum use and this would be beneficial to all and sundry.

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