Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why you should invest in Kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria

Why you should invest in Kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria
Kisumu has today totally changed. It has really developed in so many ways, such that, in the recent coming years, it’ll be like Kenya’s capital, Nairobi city. There are a number of things that has led to the evident growth of Kisumu city, one of them being the Kisumu real estate investment.
There are a number of things that an investor can invest in, in this sector, one of them being commercial investments. Talking of commercial investments in Kisumu real estate, there are top ranking places where you can put your business in. One such example is Nyamasaria. Nyamasaria is an estate located off Kisumu-Nairobi road. There are so many pieces of lands that can be bought in this place. It is a place that is rich for commercial investments.
Just recently, there have been several enquiries from investors, both local and foreign, about land in Nyamasaria. Normally, when there are such frequent enquiries from investors about a particular land or property, it means that there’s business opportunity in that area. This is typical of Nyamasaria.
Now, there are a number of things about Nyamasaria that makes it potential for such opportunities.
·        There are lots of investments- there are a lot of investments going on in this place. Top in the list of some high end businesses in Nyamasaria is the Dubai Complex shopping mall, which has a number of things in it. One of the biggest restaurants in Nyamasaria, found in this shopping mall is the Royal City Hotel, which belonged to the late Fidel Castro Odinga, son of the former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga. Other things include supermarkets, such as Ukwala, clean, secure and affordable accommodation facilities, boutiques, swimming pools, chemists and clubs. There are also the different mobile money transfer systems namely Safaricom Mpesa, Airtel Money and Orange Money as well. You can invest in Kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria and be able to make a lot of money.
·        It is open and enlarged, hence no limitation- the expansion of Kisumu town has made Nyamasaria a very open and expanded place. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a place with lots of pieces of land. The many constructions and developments going on have made it look more modern and spacious, where you also can find a place and put up your business.
·        It has a big population- there are many people residing in Nyamasaria today, especially due to the fact that it is developed. This big number requires certain things such as the additional number of supermarkets, accommodation facilities, rental houses, financial institutions as well as learning institutions. Originally, Nyamasaria never used to be like it is today. It was more of a village. Many people that lived there were peasants. Thanks to the investors who have today changed its face, as a result, people have come to do businesses as others have also built rental houses, making it a habitation for middle class people today.

With these much, you now have at least a reason as to why you can also consider investing in Kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria.

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