Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Invest in Kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria and get high returns

Invest in Kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria and get high returns
Nyamasaria is one of the estates in Kisumu city with vast pieces of land, all of which are viable both for commercial and residential projects. Currently, a one acre plot in Nyamasaria near the road goes at around Ksh 20Million, while that which is away from the road goes at around Ksh 2.5 Million. This may however seem expensive, but the truth is, the earlier you acquire it the better. This is because in the near future, land prices will be doubling as some will shoot to higher costs.
There are some places too in the city where such lands can be acquired. Such places include estates like Kenya Re, Lolwe, Mamboleo, Riat, Nyalenda, Lumumba, Obama, Kibos and Migosi. The interesting thing with such places is the fact that the prices of their lands range at least from Ksh 3 to 4 Million per acre. This is however different with the way the prices are in the CBD and also in Milimani estate, one posh and high class estate in the city. An acre for example here in the CBD or in Milimani estate goes at Ksh 500 Million. In fact, as it is now, most corporates, e.g. banks, multinationals, hotel chains as well as the UN bodies are planning to put up their businesses outside the central business districts to avoid the congestion and the high amount of money they pay as rents.
Back to Nyamasaria, like I said, it is a place so rich and full of potentials for investments.
There are some factors that will make you reap high returns if you invest in Kisumureal estate in Nyamasaria.
They include;
·        Good road network
Nyamasaria is located off Kisumu-Nairobi road. It is open and spacious. Of late, there have roads under construction in the region. This helps in the transportation of goods in and out of the city. This step has not only helped in the transportation of goods in and out but has also helped increase job opportunities for the locals as well as opportunities for investments. With the repair of the roads also, investors can now be assured of efficient and safe transportation of their goods in and out of the city.
·        Good for both residential and commercial purposes
Due to the plan to expand and extend the city, Nyamasaria has benefitted by a section of it becoming part of the city. As a result of this, there have been several developments. An example is the Dubai Complex mall, which is second to none in the entire Nyamasaria, housing a number of things such as supermarkets, restaurants, accommodation facilities, healthcare facilities, boutiques, clubs and beauty shops. As a result of these developments, many job opportunities have been created and this has led to people shifting from the rural areas to the urban centre. Also, being part of the urban centre, several people have built their own homes as others have also put up rental houses.
·        Has tightened and beefed up security
Nyamasaria has a few police posts, which help in manning security in the area. For a long time, there have been rare cases of insecurity in Nyamasaria. This has made investors pick Nyamasaria as their place of choice, to put up their businesses.
You also can invest in kisumu real estate in Nyamasaria and earn lots of cash.

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