Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Get Land for sale Homabay and do investment

Get Land for sale Homabay and do investment
Land for sale Homabay is very rich in a number of things including investments. It is just unique in its own way.
First of all, the major urban centers in Homabay County, which are Homabay town, Kindu, Sori, Oyugis, Ringa, Mbita and Sindo are the richest places for investments. Being very busy towns with lots of business activities going on, an investor can set up businesses like hotels and restaurants in the central business district. This is something that can do pretty well, especially if operated in different levels, where everybody else can afford.
It is also in such towns that financial institutions as well as micro financial organizations can be set up. An investor can put up such institutions in the various towns in Homabay County, which in one way or another can help the locals in terms of loaning, for purposes of promoting their businesses.
Homabay is a rich fishing hub. It is among some of the counties known for producing the best species, namely Tilapia and Nile Perch, commonly referred to as Ngege and Mbuta respectively in the native tribe, Luo. Some of the people do it for cash whereas others do it for their own consumption. Now, them that do it for cash export to other countries especially the European countries, where these species of fish are widely consumed.
Apart from the ones being exported to the outside countries, there are some which are also sold just within the country to other counties and towns. For instance, the fish produced by Kisumu, Siaya and Homabay are the ones sent to Nairobi and its environs. With all these, there’s however a challenge that really needs to be addressed. In the entire Homabay County, there’s no fish processing plant. If there could be one, then there can be value addition on the fish before the exports and this can really earn them good money. Hence, an investor can set up a fish processing plant in land for sale Homabay, which can really be of great help. At the moment, the fish are normally taken to the fish processing plant in Thika.
Homabay is also rich in tourism, which again happen to be its major income-earner. The various tourist attraction sites such as Ruma National Park, Mfangano Island, Kanjera Archaeological site as well as the Simbi Nyaima Lake have to a greater extent boosted the economy of Homabay County. There have been records of so many tourists visiting these places every year. Another challenge here is the accommodation of the visitors. There are some guest houses which accommodate the thousands of tourists who visit on a regular basis. They include the Homabay Tourist Hotel, Ruma Tourist Lodge, Little Nile Guest House and Bay Lodge. An invest can however put up additional guest houses in the land for sale Homabay so as to  accommodate all the visitors, who in this case include even the local tourists.

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