Friday, November 28, 2014

Expansion of roads and infrastructure changing Kisumu real estate

Kisumu real estate has continued to grow far much beyond many other sectors within the city of Kisumu, Kisumu County. There are various factors that have led to this very growth however. Among such factors are such as roads and infrastructure. Expansion and development of infrastructure, just as it would be to any kind of sector, say Tourism or even Fishing, is equally crucial to the real estate. Kisumu real estate has experienced quite a lot of developments because of the infrastructure and of course the construction that has been taking effect within the city currently.
Ideally, Kisumu city has grown in several ways. Talk of the newly built malls like Uchumi Supermarket, Tumaini Supermarkets, Tuff foam mall, West end mall and also Naivas Supermarket that's today flooded with consumers from early in the morning till late in the night. Some of the Supermarkets for instance Nakumatt, one being at the city center and the other one located along Kisumu-Nairobi road just at a junction going to New Nyalenda estate, specifically being 24 hr operational, has made it relatively easy for consumers get their services at any time of the day or perhaps of the night. These, plus others like Tuskys Supermarket and Ukwala Supermarkets among other wholesale shops like Pramukh and Rahisi have immensely resulted to the massive development of the city hence convenient to all stake holders.
Besides the shops and large supermarkets in the city, there are also newly built estates within the city. An estate like Riat, which to date has the top-class houses within the whole of Kisumu, is the location where middle class people are now living in. It's a high class and a snobbish place that is well secured and as well has easy access towards the main road. Other posh estates which are still under construction though, are such as Milimani West along Busia road and Maseno Gardens, both of which are classy and modern, and are generally well secured and accessible. The face lift done to the existing estates and the hospitals are all giving Kisumu real estate more credit, thereby attracting many investors to invest in the County.
Transport is yet another thing which has to be in place for success of any real estate business. That's also/equally reflected in Kisumu real estate. One thing which has wholly revolutionized Kisumu real estate is the expansion of roads in the city. There've been a good number of roads which are under construction, the most crucial ones being the Kisumu-Nairobi road, the Kondele bypass as well as other more that still are under constructions. It's believed that with such developments and so many others, Kisumu real estate will continue to nurture and grow to greater heights, and this will result to a total transformation within the entire Kisumu County.
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